Boss PH-3 Phase Shifter
Boss PH-3 Phase Shifter

PH-3 Phase Shifter, Phaser for Guitar from Boss.

benderleben 01/29/2014

Boss PH-3 Phase Shifter : benderleben's user review

«  not bad »

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phaser (digital) and not true bypass extremely versatile
expression pedal that control the rate


very simple on the desired sound quickly GET TIRED


emulation ranging from stage 90 until very modern with the duties "rise" and "fall" that make beautiful bubble
the sound is not so bad even if the analog grain it sorely.
the most annoying problem I find he eats a little sound, volume down a bit (like all the other phasers stage 90 it increases the volume too much for my taste)


a good pedal without doubt the best value versatility / market price,
yes with the same budget I do it again the same choice.