DOD 201 Phasor
DOD 201 Phasor

201 Phasor, Phaser for Guitar from DOD.

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purple.telecaster 10/20/2014

DOD 201 Phasor : purple.telecaster's user review

«  beautiful! »

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Features 10/10

DoD phaser pedal 201 original effect from 1978
2 stages of phasing
Any analog circuit
Speed ​​control: CTS pot
Carling switch
Food: Unlike MXR 45, here there is a socket for power supply jack (3.5) or battery
consumption: 1.8mA


Using 10/10
-a single setting: speed


Sound Quality 10/10
-incontournable this phaser: soft, subtle, voluptuous .... can become Univibe's like


Overall Opinion 15/10!
I made the big mistake of selling my old 201 70's there 10/15 years and FINALLY I come to find a 1978 "like new" with the box, manual and warranty!
despite my XII Phaser b / k 4/8/12 floors TC Electronic 1982 and my phaser Ibanez BPL 6/10 floors this phaser 1985 2 stages remain for life.

My heart is torn between the Dod 201 (from my youth) and 45 MxR Ri .....
I find the 201 a slightly rounder "hair", softer and MxR very very very very slightly sharper but I keep BOTH, so I sold my MXR 1978, three 2-stage phaser is a lot is what not!
Price .... blah, "when you love it does not matter" is not it?

Brief: ESSENTIAL as the MxR 45

ps: I have owned an MXR Phase 90 there a few years, I kept it 15 days I never liked