Electro-Harmonix Small Stone Mk4
Electro-Harmonix Small Stone Mk4

Small Stone Mk4, Phaser for Guitar from Electro-Harmonix in the Small Stone series.

adperr 05/01/2010

Electro-Harmonix Small Stone Mk4 : adperr's user review


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analog phaser pedal
1 input and 1 output jack
1 input power supply jack (3.5)
1 Knob that manages the speed of the effect
1 switch color (2 different magnitude of effect)


I rarely use because miennne is an old model that I bought used and it is not true bypass


the sound quality is good and easy to get (there are only two buttons)
poatr do not push the speed too high if one has the impression of playing in water
but with proper adjustment is obtained a very nice phaser
I personally use it only in its clear, distortion it gives some weird sound soup


good effect, but mine (a certain age) has no true bypass and not color the sound bad even when the pedal is off
more on this old model there is no light (I think the new editions are filled) the forgotten cause
model on my entry for the power supply has a reverse polarity compared to other pedals so when I plug on my PSU (a eagletone PS 12) it freaks me the power supply in a carafe, so I am obliged to USE THE battery power supply or other external

I do not put this pedal in my pedalboard but I keep it for use of rare because the sound is still pretty cool