MXR M101 Phase 90
MXR M101 Phase 90

M101 Phase 90, Phaser for Guitar from MXR in the Phase 90 series.

tiep 01/08/2005

MXR M101 Phase 90 : tiep's user review


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One switch and one knob for speed of phasing
a rubber pad to be able to change the sound with the foot (c not very accurate, but aa the merit to exist and is very practical)


Press the switch to activate the effect


Warning: the phasing effect is very strong and sound a bit saturated
and yes, the pedal a little Cunche clear sound (see bcp as microphones utiliss)
One way of stopping the crunch, playing with single coils or split its double, and the volume down a bit on the guitar (you can also make changes by removing the components, but hey, personal is also the famous crunch that I bought it ..)
For heavy distortion, the foot (see Van Halen, but everybody knows)
I love all the sounds of pedals, it is unique
Only problem, it seems rather difficult to use for the funk, but good since I do not ....


I use depusi few weeks and I'm in love.
I tried other models, such digitech, boss (I do not like it too), Electro Harmonix, and I heard the Moog in mag (unfortunately already have not had time to try it, but I think it will be for ending for this machine looks really great ...), and I take rsolu MXR, simply because I find the sound excellent.
trs versatile little, but a unique sound.
For lovers of electronic phaser trs the Air, it is better to use the MOOG or, where singing, a digitech phaser (this also is a killer, but hey, I would use plutt for electronic music, the sounds seemed too traditional chemicals, but the sounds poue electr, bravo!)
For users of phaser in clean only, so does it can be prfrer electro harmonix if you do not want a crunch (I mean, I can easily rev r Gler this little pb)
I would do this choice?
YES !!!!!!!!!!
100 For this machine, it's expensive, but good, as good a price
I advise many sr, but I think we must all costs try all of phaser pedals that exist to find the sound that suits him
They are all VERY diffrent, 100/200 and the pedals, take his time I think ..