MXR M105 Phase 45 Script Logo Vintage
MXR M105 Phase 45 Script Logo Vintage

M105 Phase 45 Script Logo Vintage, Phaser for Guitar from MXR.

jaymes.moore 08/22/2014

MXR M105 Phase 45 Script Logo Vintage : jaymes.moore's user review

« A true vintage phaser »

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The MXR Phase 45 reissue is a faithful recreation of one of MXR's most sought after boutique pedals from the 70s, the original "script logo" Phase 45. According to MXR, every aspect of the original circuit has been recreated to period-correct specifications, as has the exact build and finish of the device.


The setup is as simple as it gets, single input and output jacks, single on/off footswitch and a singular black knob used to dial varying phase tones. The different phase settings range from very slow to very fast as you turn the dial clockwise. Being a faithful recreation, it runs entirely on 9V battery power. Also like the original, there is neither the modern addition of an LED light indicating when the pedal is on or off or is there an AC power input. This can be problematic, because it's very easy to leave the pedal on and drain the battery. Therefore, I've made a habit of always disconnecting the input cable when not in use, since that automatically cuts power to the battery. Also, due to the subtlety of the effect when in use with other pedals, it can be easy to forget it's turned on!

Other than the vintage limitations of battery-only power, the small footprint and rakish vintage appeal make the Phase 45 a great visual addition to any pedal board. It seems plenty rugged and should have no problems surviving most on-stage abuse.


I purchased the Phase 45 specifically for use as a subtle, vintage phasing effect. The Phase 45 accomplishes this goal perfectly. The much lauded Phase 90 may be the standard in the realm of modern phasers, but as with most phaser pedals, the depth of their sound comes from the amount of mid-range frequencies they dig into. Rather than inducing a deep modulation, the Phase 45 is much more subtle and leaves much of the mid-range tone in tact. The vintage circuitry however imparts a very obvious warmth that darkens the guitar tone quite a bit.

At it's slowest setting, used in the sound clip below, the Phase 45 produces a slow, warm phase that in no way interferes with the main musical elements of the riff. In this second sound clip, the Phase 45 is set to it's fastest setting, where it sounds a lot like a vintage univibe pedal.

Slow, Psychedelic riff:,m.473666.html

Fast, Univibe solo guitar:,m.473667.html


If you are looking for a subtle phaser that won't cut too heavily into the mid-range of your tone, than there are few available that function with such finesse as the Phase 45. It should be noted though, that it will darken your tone and saturate anything that passes through it. For a more modern guitar tone this could be a turn-off, but if used after a brighter distortion or overdrive, the effect may be complimentary. The battery-only power may also be a drawback, but there are several tutorials I've seen on the internet where people have installed AC inputs and LED power indicators.

+Vintage warmth and saturation
+Beautifully subtle phase tone
+Rock solid construction
+Simplicity of use
-No LED light indicating whether the effect is on or off
-No AC power input, battery-power only
-Vintage circuitry darkens tone considerably