Fender Vintage '57/'62 Strat Pickups Set
Fender Vintage '57/'62 Strat Pickups Set

Vintage '57/'62 Strat Pickups Set, Guitar pickups kit from Fender.

KirKill 03/09/2012

Fender Vintage '57/'62 Strat Pickups Set : KirKill's user review

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I installed it on a Fender American Standard maple neck, being a former owner of the CS model 69 (on a Fender American Standard rosewood handle), I took the microphone to test the 60's side of the force ...
The crunch and fuzz tones, surprise .... he returned in better compared to its big brother, the dynamic is completely different, the sound is sharper than it saturates more, the CS 69 seems more dull the blow
The clean is softer less aggressive than the CS 69
Reviews of these mics differ a lot, everyone thought that the CS 69 pickups remain the rock 70's default, after this test it is not so ... The Vintage 57/62 has the character
I think the CS 69 should be the mic of choice on a rosewood handle and Vintage 57/62 on a maple neck, with hindsight I prefer the maple neck config + Vintage 57/62 rosewood handle the config + Custom 69