Electro-Harmonix 22 Caliber
Electro-Harmonix 22 Caliber

22 Caliber, Guitar Power Amplifier from Electro-Harmonix.


Electro-Harmonix 22 Caliber : Anonymous 's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
Dj said.


Super convenient!


Not really possible to have a good clean from low volume (that is - say little prs 0,2 / 10 of volume if you want a ladder!), Otherwise a lot stronger on a baffle Orange 1 * 12, barely one in 1/10me volume for their money.

Used with different kind MXR distortion, no need more, I think even to do small gigs with.

Without anything until we get a powerful enough crunch by pushing a little volume.

7 / 10 for the "absence" of clean.


For 100 euros, no other choices available, especially to carry around everywhere, what I do, it's ideal.

Impressive, but try before you buy. I'd be curious to listen rendering on other speakers.