Mesa Boogie 2:20 Dynawatt
Mesa Boogie 2:20 Dynawatt

2:20 Dynawatt, Guitar Power Amplifier from Mesa Boogie.

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tubart 10/12/2008

Mesa Boogie 2:20 Dynawatt : tubart's user review


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CF Notice prcdents

It can not be simpler: power, standby, volume, presence ...


Weight ... nice! 20/20 with JMP1 + BBE Maximizer 482I in a wooden flight, I do not know even if apse 15kg ... a good place for a stro config when lugs around his equipment! Otherwise Technical cot is obviously very simple to use ...


A friend has bought the new 20/20; he wanted to buy my VHT 2/50/2 but was too powerful and has craqu seeing 20/20 in store.
Config tests: JMP1 + 20/20 + Mesa Mesa Rectifier 2x12 cabinet V30 guitar ESP EC1000 Dimarzio pickups ToneZone (bridge) and Airzone (sleeve), Orville By Gibson Custom Les PAul (microphones Gibson Classic 57).
To be played on JMP1 VHT 2/50/2 and for two years I t surprised Performance Mesa 20/20.
Cot volume, no doubt, spit fort, no fear before a drummer, even nerv. The sound is dynamic and color at least more with my VHT. The problem is that the sound is very medium, quite aggressive. Even with the presence of 0, a frisouille ears ... Something I did not report with the VHT. Going up the volume, the potato is still shy but serious, voire..insuffisants (the fault of the EL84?). This is a point to take into considration, according to the jou style. Do not possdant of rglage of "resonnance" or "depth" (yes ... the full VHT was him ...) difficult to overcome this default. When I was playing on my neck pickup Les Paul OBG, serious GNRs not VHT was almost too powerful, making the shadow bassist.
The definition is less accuracy of all as we turn up the volume, was still very okay despite everything, but compare (always) my VHT, it almost seems to have more distortion ... But a dirty distortion, less dfinie that more reasonable volume.


Far from being ridiculous, 20/20 is none the less for the performance it offers. I lower my opinion compared to the poweramp I know best, the VHT 2/50/2 which presents many more possibilities of rglages (voicing, Depth, Presence, Class A / B or Class A) 20/20 and yet costing the same price; more with the pad of attnuation on each channel of VHT, go down the power equivalent of a 2x25watts.
Try it, I did not t conquered by the sound, but one thing is sre, the sound will fall more color with this Mesa with a VHT. We hear a 50/50 and that of the same brand is much prcis his little brother, I have not tried. The choice for this Poweramp will be more a matter of taste than budget, there are more "faithful" and better dfini for the same price.