Mesa Boogie 2:20 Dynawatt
Mesa Boogie 2:20 Dynawatt

2:20 Dynawatt, Guitar Power Amplifier from Mesa Boogie.

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crane 02/21/2012

Mesa Boogie 2:20 Dynawatt : crane's user review

«  Punchy! »

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2x22W stereo Poweramp (EL84).
A volume control and a presence control per channel.
1 input, 1 output 8ohms, 4ohms 2 outputs in parallel.
1 output "slave" to dub the sound onto a more powerful amp.


The use could not be easier, turn the volume and it sends the sauce.
The presence allows a fairly fine adjustment of the effect of "front-behind a wall."

The volume delivered is sufficient, and it is easier to push into a corner to get a nice crunch power if you like it.
If you Bercy course will require the transplants in a PA or another amp via the output drawing more "slave" to keep his typical sound. Personally I never needed that, it sends it anyway!

We would have liked a deep mod from the outset


This amp is much maligned for its lack of bass. This is not true, do not listen to what people usually say. It is often compared to 2:90 and the way it "deep", it has nothing necessarily to do!

Here is an amp that delivers a punchy, the attack that will do well out the shots and picks which not drool on your bass. On or the fact it is often said that lack of bass. But I assure you its there!

This is actually a small capacitor on the input triode plays this role. One can through forgetfulness of the guarantee and a technician to do a little fashion, with a simple switch, allow tracking of the depth and extent of serious detriment of the attack and with a small loss of volume .


It has been nearly three years that I have, in parallel with a 50/50 and a SimulClass 295 (Mesa home still). He really his character, that's the one I use most because it places the guitar in his band frequency, we get a good sound without drooling on the other, it is rather nice and it makes the sound check!
Another advantage, 1U and only 6kg, it allows for a small portable rack (if you forget the two 4x12 "eh ... I personally use a 12" and 10 "and one can also use only channel as explained in the manual).