Mesa Boogie 2:20 Dynawatt
Mesa Boogie 2:20 Dynawatt

2:20 Dynawatt, Guitar Power Amplifier from Mesa Boogie.

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Pm. 09/18/2005

Mesa Boogie 2:20 Dynawatt : Pm.'s user review


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Power amp 2x20 watts lamps ( Four EL84 (amplification) and December 3 AX7 (prsence and dphasage)
Designed Trs well: deep enough to accommodate the seven lamps which are visible the rear (, grid arati of the front fan, all this because it is very well ventilated. (But it causes the breath)
There could have been a switch to switch to Class A as the VHT (more Chres course) but we will not quibble ...
Go - 1 because even when finally I quibble a bit to the price


Trs easy to use!
The manual is just useful if you want to use it in mono (you must set the channel volume and zero-idle prsence thoroughly and especially do not connect a speaker cable into the HP port if no baffle n 'branch is!)
I prcise nanmoins this product (as Brand dailleurs) did not forcment a large reputable trs of reliability and I would advise consquence DViT Careers News mono (single channel)!
And as seen prcdemment design makes it very practical when changing lamps: there is nothing disassemble!


Honntement ago trs fast way to be deaf, I have not Exceeds 25% of the power in mono!
The power comes quickly (progressiv the knob), it just so far in most cases!
I hsit time with a 2x50 and frankly when I see it get out I tell myself that I do 2x50W have not exploited ...

Test with a POD 2.0 ( 2Cidproduit 2C18312.html%), a Voodoo ( 2Cidproduit 2C29002.html%) Lab (, an ADA MP-1 (% 2Cidproduit 2C15420.html%) and a VHT GP3 ( 2Cidproduit 2C19968.html%)
The Pod is transformed from the sound of the power amp Marshall VS8080 ( 2Cidproduit 2C10390.html )!!!! (Thankfully!): You can feel the dynamics even with the lights modlisation
The VHT GP3 from the Marshall VS8008 ( 2Cidproduit 2C10635.html%) of Universal is not the same: more especially on Carrment distos (relative to 8008 compared to no 2/50/2).
The Ada diffrent sounds from the Mesa 50/50 ( 2Cidproduit 2C12139.html%) in which I test at the time of my purchase, or better less I do not know, but it is on diffrent: More mtal of memory!

The prsence fulfills its rle by adding more or less acute (wholesale) but is moderately progressive, as the volume knob so
The fan is audible! So when you do not play hard we hear it! But I think the one can not help it, that is the case with all amps lamp and that's the price to pay to ensure proper ventilation of the lamps.

It lacks a little something for the metal.
Excellent in a register Blues, Jazz


I do not have much basis for comparison, therefore, my opinion is worth what it is ...

Frankly it's not the kind of product that is easy to try with his personal config
I wanted a power amp too powerful lamp (less than 50Watts) ... There are only 2!
The one and Marshall EL84 20/20 ( that does not rglages spars for each channel! It can not operate with a single exception hack Resistors ... So I opt for the Mesa
(Please Kinder Guano for his precision on this point;))

Finally, the Mesa 20/20 with EL84 is top for the cleans and crunch, all with the personality Mesa (quite dark in lensemble) but average distortion in a particular registry mtal! Jai then opt for a VHT 2/50/2 ( 2Cidproduit 2C18657.html%)

His only major weakness is the price for us the European!
7 / 10 in the end because of price, switch to switch to Class A (quibble inside), the breath of the fan, the progressiv of knobs and the lack of distortion in groumph.

A word about bias when you change the power tubes dun amp must be in some way give Lampl lamps = SETTING THE bias. Mesa Boogie sells lamps that are select to match the bias of his amps.
Obviously Boogie lamps are more expensive but faster a spell with the technician. I'm not either sr trs as economic solution (Boogie does not sort the lamps free of charge) but hey