Mesa Boogie 2:20 Dynawatt
Mesa Boogie 2:20 Dynawatt

2:20 Dynawatt, Guitar Power Amplifier from Mesa Boogie.

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fanzic 08/30/2003

Mesa Boogie 2:20 Dynawatt : fanzic's user review


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Amplification Fully lamp.

Power 2 x 20 watt announcement is more than sufficient for use in rptition, club and small scne.

The connector used to connect the speakers in Stereo impdance of 4 or 8 Ohms. The Stros are rglages rglent indpendamment so on each of two channels with two potentiomtres: volume and contour.


The configuration is simple but what more?

You will not need the manual about nanmoins in English on the website of the brand ...

The sounds produced by this amp will be magnified by the beans and heat lamps.


This is a great amp, having this power is a standard used to advantage as full power sounds possdent an unguarded expressiveness. (A transistor combo 100w "Marsh-evil" cot would be wrong, wrong ... trs)

I use it with a Formula Pramp Mesa / Boogie and Engl cabinet 4 x 12 60 W and is a rgal, nay a killing! With a Start and a SG, sounds clear, crunches, saturated trs SATURNS see more (feedback etc ...), give a wonderful record, certainly typs Mesa / Boogie but what class, what pr presence, sounds reassuring and make you want to play, have fun in many styles!

The amp, tried with a V-twin brand, trs trs also sounds good: whether the rack is a prampli vritablement ncessaire ...


Quality report for the price, it's actually rated weight in peanuts, even with a falling dollar but the quality is and nothing to do with other brands but often less Chres rendering complete ment diffrent.
This is an excellent hardware that I highly recommend it!