Mesa Boogie Rectifier Stereo 2:100
Mesa Boogie Rectifier Stereo 2:100

Rectifier Stereo 2:100, Guitar Power Amplifier from Mesa Boogie.

jmabate 06/22/2009

Mesa Boogie Rectifier Stereo 2:100 : jmabate's user review


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Tube amp class A / B 2x100 watts
8 6L6 (4 per channel) for the power section and 2 12AX7 for the presence and one 12AX7?? !
2 volume buttons
2 presence buttons
1 switch on / off
A standby switch
1 light tensioning
1 light for the modern fashion

1 stereo input (normal)
1 stereo input (front preamp), the volume of the amp is in slave mode when a front preamp is connected
1 jack for switch mode modern (a plug on the bottom of the preamp to activate that mode)
1 stereo into 8 ohms
2 stereo outputs 4 ohms
1 fan silent


Absolutely simple
is connected, you put all thoroughly and go!


This is fire!
I had a recording studio recto preamp with a Peavey Classic 50/50 and its ring of hell!
I now put him in the face 2X100 ass and there is madness! not in terms of volume but of grain, response, breadth, clartée ... it disconnects!
what I do is I put the amp back and I manage the volume with the preamp then I rate the presence and the sound is really incredible! really!


I've had one week
I did 2 gigs and I had the pleasure of people head to uncouple the first three rank!
not really, not mesa that fool us is not really very good stuff to buy their ears blocked and preferably coupled with the front or preamp Triax.
the all is very expensive but it is used (in my case and I made a great deal)