Mesa Boogie Rectifier Stereo 2:100
Mesa Boogie Rectifier Stereo 2:100

Rectifier Stereo 2:100, Guitar Power Amplifier from Mesa Boogie.

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tibo67 06/28/2005

Mesa Boogie Rectifier Stereo 2:100 : tibo67's user review


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There are 3 small lamps preamp (which are used to I do not know what)
Then there are 8 6L6 power tubes.
Level AC power hard 2X100watts Mesa Boogie.
Between 1 and 2 of the volume can be played in rooms above correct to aim the Stade de France, lol.
There's recess level connection between two (Stereo forces) then we can go out on 2 baffles.Ou then carrera 4 speakers ...
But there is also special for between two preamp correct.
There are 2 switch, to select a 6L6 or EL34, and the other for ground lift.
The last element but makes a huge difference if you have a preamp Mesa TriAxis kind.
The latter mode can activate a "Modern" passing your sound a good amp is heavy that you hear on the albums that reference.

To the front there There's the switch on / off and stand by if it's there that the two volumes and two presences.


The config is that simple. Even the mode switch to modern are instinctif.Faut just know its preamp or read the manual to be sure.
His level is what is currently available for larger and Mesa rack.
I board my TriAxis used QLQ time without power amp Mesa (time to save) and I understand better those who complain of TriAx qd is set with Marshall.Ca is THE MEGA level difference distortion of modern fashion.
The manual is clear but there's no need to look 15 years old is a power amp, preamp not a midi ...


I play mainly heavy but no the power of rock, rock etc ... and it is perfect for what I want.
I play mainly with different types of ESP pickups (EMG ESP PRS ...)
The sounds I get (via TriAxis) range from clean (more or less sweet, depending on the guitar) as j'adouci (or not) through until the distortion effects the most enormous Mesa delivers, like no.
While appreciating brands like Engl already appreciable for their grain, there's no picture is even better, distortion less flat (and it's nothing to say).
Upgrade its clean (but it's not his fault) There's better but good for a year or three times I play clean sound I will not pay me a fender or AD 120 (I approach quite correct)


I ais almost a year.
What I like is its simplicity and its more than anything puissance.Et Modern Mode.
What I like least is the weight is unbearable to move!
It was that longtps dreamed of playing TriAxis ais and did a lot of test before the opportune to acquire one to honor my TriAxis.
Regarding the price quality ratio I board not to complain I had nine ais the price of 2X100 with Marshall but that was a stroke of chance.Mais even around 2000 ca the blow is more a power amp Marshall (at least if you have a Mesa preamp that makes the switch).
With the experience I would do exactly the same choice, but even earlier (if I had money, lol)