Peavey Classic 50/50
Peavey Classic 50/50

Classic 50/50, Guitar Power Amplifier from Peavey in the Classic series.

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zazman 01/28/2005

Peavey Classic 50/50 : zazman's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
Stereo power amp all lamps:

2X + phillips 2x12AX7 Sovtek 12AT7 input and driver
2x 4 EL84 Sovtek power (broken down into 220v)

are 2x 50w 4/8/16 Ohms in mono or 100W 2/4/8 Ohms
possible to use a single lane for two 50W stand-by spare.

super connection as input line outputs, XLR console, see view previous ones.
rglage by the volume, rsonnance (bass) and prsence (gloss) - Weight: 13 kg.

A technical question in passing: I noticed that two lights prampli (the two 12AT7 phillips I think) does prchauffent not as much as two 12AX7 Sovtek:
the filaments are not ashamed but the power After a few minutes, they are warm so I guess the operation of the Tagus is pramplification Designed so that the supply voltage
filaments is less for the two lamps, and we do not see prchauffer ... Is this normal?

In use, APRS into high voltage, no sign of weakness pramplification the contrary,
I even decrease the output level of my prampli mesa-boogie (gain adjustable rear facing) to 1 / 2 1 / 3 because I had too much momentum for my master volume 50 / 50 2 / 10!


Config simple and efficient, effective rglages, not too sensitive.


This amp has a prsence and superior dynamic range, and as I play a Start with EMG pickups climbs, I Reduces the brightness and treble on my mesa and let the prsence of 50 / 50 to 0. Power is more than enough in RPET and live without me sono transplanting. I play with a marshall 1922 cabinet and I find the sound I was looking for a 2x12 config.


Test for 2 hours last night:
This amp has a very oriental characters rock (we find the sound of the classic peavey SERIES), less than a Fender blues, it's clear, and that I think of the CHARACTERISTICS lamps EL84, particulirement in distorted sounds. it reproduces the characters of Fidler prampli mesa-boogie V-twin rack and strengthening same.

What I like least: this fan makes a lot of noise (can be a little dsax ???), I look and how silent fix branch in the amp, and frankly, it's nothing dssouder both son and change the fan for silent with same MODEL CHARACTERISTICS (CF THE POST ON THE TOPIC OF THE FORUM) .. . if you know a good buy replacement fan, and the right supplier, mail me. (Note: AC 220v fan in food so do not use a PC fan!)

What I like most: complte trs connectors, all of good quality and strong (weight too ;-) power and dynamics, rglages. The cost of EL 84 <6L6 or EL34. Testing and refining group I give you following me.

Excellent quality-price ratio: 450 euros including shipping occas I see no equivalent in any light
in this price range.