Plug & Play Amplification Power Attenuator 15
Plug & Play Amplification Power Attenuator 15

Power Attenuator 15, Guitar Power Attenuator from Plug & Play Amplification.

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pissalou 06/06/2012

Plug & Play Amplification Power Attenuator 15 : pissalou's user review

«  It does the job »

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This is a pad bridged T (Bridged T-pad in English) so no loss of treble on other attenuators. Attenuation between-6dB and-18dB + bypass.
6.35mm jack connectors. Available in 8 and 16 ohm (mine is 8).

Simpler you die: you turn the knob, ca attenuates.
The beast comes with an A4 leaflet that I have ever read.
the only catch is that the rotocontacteur is not firmly attached to the box and turns on itself, not really serious but annoying.

It exactly meets my expectations. I use it between my Blackstar HT-5 and a 4 * 12 cabinet:
1 - its clear you can cruncher without having a head full
2 - in the drive channel, it is less noticeable but you get a better adjust the overall volume because the volume curve of my HT-5 is not linear, it would be more logarithmic. Therefore ideal for playing at low volume, with a non-amplified musician or a disc.

I use it for a few days and I do not débrancherai soon.
I wish I though a little more attenuation, 30dB and-such a no-6dB between each but I quibble a bit.
The advantage of this product is its price, well below any other attenuator.
For most of us hobbyists, it is possible to achieve an attenuator with wirewound power resistors, it costs no more than 30 € to tinker. I intend just to get into the realization of 50W version.