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Guitar Power Attenuators user reviews

  • Weber Mini Mass 50W

    Weber Mini Mass 50W - millezotla's review


    I own this attenuator for over a year. I connect with the Marshall Class 5 which has a volume knob to saturate the amplifier. Impedance Selector 4, 8 and 16 ohms. Bypass. Switch 0 dB, +3 dB, +6 dB to increase slightly the highs you lose a little if i…

  • Nameofsound dB Killer 100

    Nameofsound dB Killer 100 - ibanez_grx070's review


    volume reducer in our I mk2 version. you have a jack in, two out jack to output to one or two boxes and 3 switch that reduces the volume of each 6 dB. costau is like sewing my pants Grandma and internal manufacturing to small onions. I do not…

  • VHM Loadbox

    VHM Loadbox - Delmaphisab's review


    This arrangement allows you to play Reduces volume in the studio, apartments and small rooms in the bnficiant CHARACTERISTICS lamps shoots into a corner. A jack-between "Amp" connect the speaker output 8 or 16 Ohms An output-jack "HP" HP to conne…

  • Weber Mini Mass 25W

    Weber Mini Mass 25W - bbhack's review


    This is a attnuateur available in 25 or 50W based on technology "speaker motor". Basically it is to disperse the power excdent in the Balanant on a mini HP (silent) the inside of the case. The attnuateur has a slecteur Impedance of 8.16 or 4 ohms,…

  • Tubejuice Max50

    Tubejuice Max50 - PierLCD's review


    What's this? This is a attnuateur power, which connects between an amplifier and a speaker lamps in order to "push" the master volume of the power section and volume play a non-damaging to your ears and your windows. ^ ^ So you can hear what the…

  • TAD (Tube Amp Doctor) Silencer

    TAD (Tube Amp Doctor) Silencer - Black Bear Studio's review


    TAD Silencer ™ Power Attenuator RS It is a power attenuator with cable between the amp head or combo, or the speakers. This is what the beast moved Natural Tone Technology, clear high end responces Available as 2, 4, 8 or 16 Ohm version A…

  • Koch LB120-Loadbox II

    Koch LB120-Loadbox II - Ironie's review


    Attenuator / dummy box analog rack by adding a power (the fan is already in, but not food, fortunately we do not need rack when not!). Headphone out, line and XLR input jack. A speaker simulation or 1x12 4x12 to choose. Choosing the position of t…

  • Marshall PB100 Power Brake

    Marshall PB100 Power Brake - poufinou's review


    Kesako? If you own a powerful amp, you know it is difficult to operate in a small space. When the tube amp is impossible to saturate the power tubes and thus to enjoy their beautiful natural saturation. How? - Put a volume pedal in effects loop…

  • Lonershop T-Bone 5W

    Lonershop T-Bone 5W - Viagra's review


    I use a Laney Lionheart 5W (should not be relied ...) any lamp, consisting of a clean channel and a drive channel + reverb, an Equal 3 positions and a tone. implementation is super easy: unplug the cable from HP, incorporate the T-bone with cable …

  • VHM Loadbox

    VHM Loadbox - tomasalom1's review


    I think the advice that follows can avoid a few disasters!! Ras Ras From a sound point of view, this attenuator is perfectly his office, however, in principle it is extremely dangerous to the output transformer of your ampli.l impedance inpu…