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Guitar Pre-amps news

  • Fishman Presys+ Onboard Preamp System

    Fishman Presys+ Onboard Preamp System

    10/19/11 in Fishman Presys+

    The Presys+ Onboard Preamp System is now available to consumers.

  • 7 New T-Rex Pedals

    7 New T-Rex Pedals

    05/20/11 in T-Rex Engineering SpinDoctor 2

    T-Rex Engineering, the Danish guitar effects pedal manufacturer, introduced an array of new pedals at the 2011 Frankfurt Musikmesse show which will soon be available in North America.

  • Fishman Aura Sixteen

    Fishman Aura Sixteen

    03/04/10 in Fishman Aura Sixteen

    Fishman is shipping its new Aura Sixteen Acoustic Imaging Pedal and Aura Image Gallery III for Mac and PC.

  • Reard Xavier Amplifier GP1C2

    Reard Xavier Amplifier GP1C2

    05/11/09 in Reard Xavier Amplifier GP1C2

    The GP1C2 is the first model of a series of fully analog solid stand preamps, handwired in France.

  • B-Band Model T35 Pre-Amp

    B-Band Model T35 Pre-Amp

    03/24/09 in B-band T35

    B-Band Ltd has announced new guitar preamps for 2009.

  • [NAMM] Roland & Martin Guitar AP-1

    [NAMM] Roland & Martin Guitar AP-1

    01/21/09 in Roland AP-1

    Roland and Martin Guitar have partnered to introduce the new Roland AP-1 preamp.

  • [NAMM] Radial Engineering F15 Roundback

    [NAMM] Radial Engineering F15 Roundback

    01/15/09 in Forest Audio F15

    Radial Engineering Ltd. announced the new Forest Audio F15 Roundback, anl instrument preamplifier designed to handle any instrument signal while introducing a series of innovative new features to address the next generation of acoustic instruments.

  • T-Rex Releases New SpinDoctor Pre-Amp

    T-Rex Releases New SpinDoctor Pre-Amp

    12/18/08 in T-Rex Engineering SpinDoctor

    T-Rex released its new, modified SpinDoctor pre-amp.

  • Fishman Aura and Aura Pro preamps

    Fishman Aura and Aura Pro preamps

    12/12/08 in Fishman Aura

    Fishman is offering these two preamps as retail products for new installations or for those who want to replace their old preamp with the state-of-the-art in acoustic amplification.