Behringer Digital Reverb DR100
Behringer Digital Reverb DR100

Digital Reverb DR100, Reverb for Guitar from Behringer.

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Thom Mist 10/22/2006

Behringer Digital Reverb DR100 : Thom Mist's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent Audience: Beginners
This is a reverb effect pedals.
It offers six kinds of diffrent reverb (spring, gate, flat, modulate, hall and room).
I do not know if it is analog or numrique ...
Each reverb is paramtre with potentiomtres 3: level which determines the amount of reverb, tone color that Defines (Hi Lo), and finally time which determines the length of r Verberie.
The pedals work for instruments such as mono Stereo, thanks two 3.5''jack input and output.
Power is supplied by 9V battery (deprecated because it is an effect that quickly discharge to a battery) or 9V transformer (amprage minimum: about 100 mA).

I put 8 / 10 because if the technical specifications are perfect, I issue a little on the solid Reserved potentiomtres. A look at the last.


It's a simple effect pedals ... Everything is described on the pedals, turn the pots and it costs.
This is my Premire reverb pedals, but have used this on my V-Amp 2 and PC plug-in home studio, I knew the rglages.
But I think it is intuitive for beginners trs. It turns, it costs. Trs simple.
The manual is succinct trs, but more than adequate. May be an important explanation of the types of reverb might be useful, but it's dtail.

The small BMOL is to change the batteries ... must carry a pointed object (like a ballpoint pen) to the case and oter accder the location of the stack.

Otherwise, it is excellent. 9 / 10.


The effect is efficient trs.
The types of reverb are really diffrent, each rglage, even minimal means.
It can range from a flooding trslgre reverb signal, all without loss of quality.
I use it with my electric guitar on my amp (I have a Yamaha Pacifica team of Seymour Duncan and I played on a Peavey Studio Pro 112), and the reverb sounds beautifully clear in his (real r gal on the bluesy solos or arpges) as saturates.
In addition, the pedals are transparent ByPass.

I put 10/10. I have heard several reverbs and I find the sound of it excellent. I got a few minutes the sound I was looking for ...


I use only a few days, but I'm dj fan.
It is simple, effective, perfectly sound, allows the effects trs Varis (well still has a reverb, I can assure you!).
The report qualitprix is ​​probably one of the best on the market.
I advise beginners that choice to first, dsireux acqurir of a first effect without breaking the bank. Then, for more advanced guitarists, it's interesting too. Indeed, the quality of sound is good trs so why deprive yourself?
A choice that I made for myself and I do not regret it.

The only BMOL as I said just the strong, not of the set (the box, even plastic seems to me even when solid trs), but just potentiomtres. It is a fear, and it's not April It will take a look at the long term, and I will keep everyone informed on the forum if there is ever a bad surprise that this ct.