Behringer Digital Reverb DR600
Behringer Digital Reverb DR600

Digital Reverb DR600, Reverb for Guitar from Behringer.

Little_Paco 08/22/2011

Behringer Digital Reverb DR600 : Little_Paco's user review


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This is a reverb pedal on the floor of the type posable, editable via the fingers, two inputs, two outputs (which I prappel plus interest).
This complete digital technology SMD everything.

A little cheap plastic case, on which we must avoid jumping in with both feet, but it's not a sugar thing either.


Reverb type to choose from:
spring reverb, plate, hall room, gate reverb and flanger.

Buttons states:
Reverb type

Editing simple effects and complicated by the blue LED activation bursting eyes completely true horror.


Level sound quality, it's okay, it's transparent and it makes the reverb.

I like the reverb
- It's flat, own a nice little bright
- The spring (spring is too clean and does not imitate enough flaws and feature a spring reverb to be interesting)
- The Hall is nice
- The room I never really liked this
- The gate must be able to do fun stuff with.
- The flerb I have never seen the interest of this

The action of the tone knob and button-term gain from being a little more drastic.
Button action level is not necessarily great for normal use of the effect the first quarter of the race just beyond we enter the field of ground bizarre, which interest me. So I would have preferred a more progressive course, but hey it takes for all tastes.


I've had six months, my amp with no reverb I wanted one, I had a Holier grail.
The electro harmonix sounded a little nicer and more music, for it offered against unnecessary adjustments and had a size too big, so I sold it, and I have this little choppée Beringher.

The spring of electro harmonix was prettier, for against the settings available on Berhinger are interesante.

This is not Beringher trranscendante, but has no life either. I have no reverb on my amp, it's still a nice effect, and finally this pedal sounds better than most reverbs ressot available on the amps.