Boss RV-5 Digital Reverb
Boss RV-5 Digital Reverb

RV-5 Digital Reverb, Reverb for Guitar from Boss.

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Synthexy 11/06/2002

Boss RV-5 Digital Reverb : Synthexy's user review


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The reverb, and that's it! Boss has released a gniale pedals ... for keeping the concept of pedals dedicates it was a reverb on hand, sorry, 6 or similar type of reverb and ... Must See: possibilities / O Stereo !!!... standard for application in home studio (amateur. ..).
Analog inputs and outputs 6.35 (asymtrique I think).
All that is compact and trs may be used derrire a synth or even a voice ... ... I test my derrire JX305 is good ... DX7 and even that has no effect is ...
APRS POD, buying most of the time ;-) gnial


More than a simple ... will be hard! Continuing with the ergonomics of Boss pedals already well known, the grip is IMMEDIATE ... Attention, as s'largir can use instruments other than the guitar, fa your attention to the output levels of the machines ... but no worries point, I even place the output of POD ... and throw, I just do not care raise the output level of POD too hard.


Well-sr is not to throw all your racks DDIS for reverb .... stay lucid, Lexicon or TC Electronic are not threatened ...
You just have to compare what is comparable and the price for that format (about 150 euros) ... and frankly has the fact!
Especially there are only essentially no effect of c. .. to "fill" the product and make it attractive.
There is a simulated spring reverb (spring) o are even reproduced the "plop" clashing springs! (Just my opinion .. EXAGRES)
But also, a plate reverb, Hall & Room algorithms, a gate reverb whose use will apprciate each and finally a reverb module (gives a certain richness to the sound ...).
At paramtres is simple: the effect level (mix with the direct sound), a knob of tonal and which should match ... This is a decay!


Buy favorite rcent not dcevant Report qualitprix ... 'Zoom m'tonnerais that do better, yet they break the price, but l. .. It gives me more desire to acqurir anything other than small ddies pedals for guitar anyway ...
To listen and try ...