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Audiowarrior Mountain Banjo Reason ReFill

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Audiowarrior Mountain Banjo Reason ReFill
News Audiowarrior Mountain Banjo Reason ReFill

Guitar Sample from Audiowarrior

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The Audiowarrior Mountain Banjo Reason Refill is an Open G-tuned virtual banjo designed to add true stereo-sampled banjo character, spirit, and musicality to your songwriting compositions.

It Includes a Chromatic Combinator for standard note mapping and use of Banjo MIDI files plus strummable NN-XT combinator chords & strummable and pickable NNXT chords with root notes that default to C3 ascending.

NN-XT Advanced Sampler Banjo Chords:
  • A-Major.sxt
  • A-Major[5th-fret].sxt
  • A.sxt
  • A[5].sxt
  • A7.sxt
  • A7[5thFret].sxt
  • C-Major.sxt
  • C-Major[5th-fret].sxt
  • C[7].sxt
  • C7[5thFret].sxt
  • C7[alt].sxt
  • D-Major.sxt
  • D-Major[7th-fret].sxt
  • D[7].sxt
  • D7[7thFret].sxt
  • Dm.sxt
  • E-Minor.sxt
  • F-Major.sxt
  • F7.sxt
  • F7[4thFret].sxt
  • Fm.sxt
  • G-Major[2nd-fret].sxt
  • G7.sxt
  • G7[3rdFret].sxt
  • Open-G-Major.sxt

Minimum System Requirements:
  • Reason 3.0 is required to utilize the Combinator modules
  • Hardware: Macintosh: 667MHz Power Macintosh: G4, with 512MB of RAM, MacOS X 10.2.8 or later, 1024×768 screen thousands of colors.
  • Hardware: Windows: 733MHz Pentium: III/Athlon: with 512MB of RAM, Windows: 2000 /XP/Vista, 1024×768 screen thousands of colors.

For an audio sample and more info visit www.audiowarrior.com/AudioWarriorMountainBanjoReasonRefill.html.
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