Fane Medusa 100
Fane Medusa 100

Medusa 100, Guitar speaker from Fane.

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Laluserne 05/20/2013

Fane Medusa 100 : Laluserne's user review

«  HP 100 medusa: a reference ... »

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I spend much of my time to mount speakers guitars, for me and the companies I work with. And I must say it is very difficult to give an opinion on HP as the character of his "guitar" depends on the character of the musician.

I give my opinion here as an AF member asks me, but it is to be taken with caution.

My personal cabinet, my "holy grail" ... is mounted with a Fane Medusa 100 16 ohms in parallel with a Celestion Alnico Blue in 15 ohms. The cabinet is solid wood custom made by me, a mixture of pine and birch I give with a special assembly. I play at low volume because I accompany vocals or classical instruments: I have a Bogner Duende 15 watt head, a guitar PRS McCarty mounted with a system of Seymour Duncan P-rails that allows me to have, under the fingers either: P90, HB, simple solo or simple parallel. Important thing for her: I play with fingers, without pick, low count, riffs nails, slaps and other strange noises, I often tap my guitar for fun ...

With this diversity of sounds, I struggled to find a HP that is balanced and versatile. The medusa 100 gave me a great service, great HP underused. I'm a big fan of Celestion but in the whole range of Celestion there are few that can compete with a medusa 100.

Fane Medusa 100 is a reference to me, I do it again this choice without hesitation.