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Schaller Security Lock
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Sphinx Sphinx

«  Purchase a very relevant! »

Publié le 08/05/12 à 06:55
I use two security locks branded Schaller for over a year. I have not tried other brands / models. I have one in your "Black" in 1446, and in a "Ruthenium" 449 (more expensive: € 21.80).

They have an excellent finish, their use is convenient, and highly reliable. It should however be a bit of practice to always succeed the first time the maneuver, to hook or unhook the strap.

The initial set of straplocks is him, not necessarily obvious ...

First, to place the threaded parts, hand strap, the holes in the leather, it's not very easy if the leather is thick and hard: the thread is not very long. Engage the nut on the thread then ask more or less effort depending on the material and thickness of the strap. But it must be a problem on most of these systems, I guess ...

Then, in my case, the screws were smaller than the original screws in my bass and my guitar (Ibanez both). Therefore, I did not want to use them in the holes in the wood, too big for them!

So I had to enlarge the hole of straplocks themselves so that they accept the screws holding Ibanez. This was done quickly and without any difficulty, with a drill, a vise and a drill metal.

I think, without much complication or embarrassment perspective reliability of the method, a dual-format screw could have been expected!

But hey, if it is just a little handyman, it will not pose a problem to enlarge the holes in the straplocks.

I really appreciate the combination of security of attachment straps with the ease with which you can remove them and put them back, all this without using leather straps and eyelets!

A very relevant purchase.

There are certainly cheaper, but I really wanted in this case a total system reliability. Moreover, the tone Ruthenium does not exist elsewhere than in Schaller, I think, and he was absolutely necessary for my bass, which is colored accatillage "cosmo black", so very close to "Ruthenium". So taking the obligatory "Ruthenium" in Schaller, I decided to take the "Black" with them also.

Note: compared to a previous opinion, I prefer, I drill into my straplocks roros to 20, in my instruments to several hundred roros! I really think that the solution of the enlargement of the holes in the straplocks is easier to implement technically, the safest practice, and less financially risky! The enlargement of the hole is not, in principle, of a magnitude that would jeopardize the strength of the parts themselves.