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Schaller Security Lock
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jerem's jerem's

«  Simply the best system. »

Publié le 02/21/13 à 05:30
I use these straplocks for over 10 years now on my Big Apple Strat Ash weighs 4kg all round. I've never been in default since that time. I also use it on my other guitar, a 1960 LP Special YOUR which weighs less (3.5 kg of memory).
It is extremely reliable and robust, if he is obviously well placed!
Compared to the system directly competitive than Dunlop, I find it much better.
Why: because in Schaller for the de-locker Straplock must pull the pin and remove the metal Straplock same time, while Dunlop is a system that simply press ... So even if it really should not bowl one accidentally Straplock Dunlop flakes, I think it is more safety to have something to pull a trick where you press ...
Question installation, never worry, even on my LP or CS yet there are often concerns the history of screw length and / or diameter not suitable ... At the same time, whenever I took advantage of a visit to the luthier for adjustment for him to do ... It helps! Taf ... what's everyone!
Basically, I do it again the same choice without hesitation, and whenever a new guitar will arrive home (although this is not often, but that's another debate!), It will Schaller straplocks its . Required!
Maintenance issue, a simple cleaning of the friction in between the clip and the strap attaches to the guitar, with a small annual lubrication to prevent it whines and rolls!
One must simply.