Martin & Co Traditional 80/20 Bronze
Martin & Co Traditional 80/20 Bronze

Traditional 80/20 Bronze, Guitar String from Martin & Co in the Traditional series.

mooseherman 01/10/2011

Martin & Co Traditional 80/20 Bronze : mooseherman's user review

« Great tone, interesting gauges, good feel, just a bit light »

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These are a set of Martin and Co. acoustic guitar strings. While Martin are definitely known as one of the premier acoustic guitar manufacturers worldwide, they also do make great strings. These strings are especially great because they sound good on just about any acoustic guitar anyway (not just Martin!) I personally use them on my Taylor and they sound great. This particular set is a custom light set, which has a lighter gauge but is less consistent than the regular light set that Martin makes. The gauges on this set are .11-.52 so you have some heavier gauges on top but are really light on the bottom.
I personally like this set for switching between leads and rhythm with acoustic guitars. However, I don't do that a lot so I find that they aren't the best for anything really. It's easier to really let loose on some higher pitched runs but to strum the whole thing is slightly awkward at first. I can get used to it but it still feels a little strange, though not as strange as playing a completely light set.
I personally think that there are people who would really dig this set of strings, however I personally need something a bit heavier so that's a downside. For beginners though, who have trouble with everything being too light but still need some slack, this might be a good choice. Tone-wise they are great except that they aren't hard enough to really whack, so beginner's would most likely sound great with them but probably break a lot of strings.
Overall though the price of these strings is reasonable, and they are really nice, so assuming that the gauge works for you I'd go ahead. If not however there are custom gauges that are higher too, so definitely be sure to check out the customs as they might actually suit you better, assuming you haven't just gotten so used to the normal sets. Definitely a good purchase all around assuming you don't strum too hard.