MGR/DAIRYBEAT 02/04/2004

Korg DT-10 : MGR/DAIRYBEAT's user review

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I wanted a Tuner for the periods my guitar is connected to an amp., without having to switch cables and to be able to tune 'silently'. I ordered the Tuner, On-line from The Netherlands, in Germany, by Music Store in Köln. Including shipping, I paid about € 90.00 (I shared the shipping with a very well reviewed Fame SKE C002/W Studio Recording Mic., witch I had ordered as well, I will review that after more recording use).

Near accurate tuning, very well lit in bright or dark surroundings. With one click of the foot you're in tuning mode, without switch noises or sound coming from the amp.


It's a sturdy metal unit, a 'floor type', with a foot operated switch button, with a non-slippery back. It also allowes for flat tuning and it has got a callibration switch. It operates on a 9V battery, 50 hours of continues use, or on a DC 9V connection. It has got 2 outputs, one for tuning with and one for tuning without sound from the amp., thats the one I use and wanted.

I am very pleased with my Korg D-1600 MKII studio recorder, that's why I decided to go for Korg again; I think this company makes classy products.

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