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Dark_chameau 07/05/2014

Korg DTR-2 : Dark_chameau's user review

«  A "must-have" »

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I have several tuners and I was looking for this one for a little 10 years ...
The previous opinions are explicit except that everybody says use the front entrance for its practicality not to mention the ensuing ...
So, like all his cronies dtr 2000 pitchblack, lag etc, entries are not "buffered" which emits a constant hiss in use before anything.
I am surprised that not many people have noted, however, that this detail seems crucial.
His only use for drinking a guitar / bass rack will be "dead end" So, receiving the signal from somewhere in the following chain, and there attention to accuracy if the login after a multi-effects for reasons that include well (chorus, flanger, reverb or delay to the death are all obstacles to understanding the signal received by the tuner). Finally the circuit "audio" the gadget is not quite a. So unless you connect a DI before the whistle will be part of your sound and loss of momentum generated will be an obstacle to the sound.
Out of it, this is an excellent tuner, precise and sober, which is not the case for her little brother who is dtr2000 a fucking tree, its only advantage is to set out the notes played, the opportunities "dropped tunes" being unnecessary, in my opinion.