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jmabate 06/10/2013

Korg DTR-2 : jmabate's user review

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Value For Money : Excellent
I use this rack since 2001, I have no worries for tuning!
1 TRS jack to plug his guitar
1 mute input TRS to connect a footswitch on / off
1 mute button
One button calibration for special tunings
1 input / output TRS for wiring in series in your effects chain
1 mute input TRS to connect a footswitch on / off

easy to use ... we plug, we agree it is part and hop ...
precise enough ... I must say that I could not try a lot of tuners and none allowed me to say what was the best!

I use the rack, pre-wired for output loop of my preamp out of my effect chain.
I have a wiring effect rack that allows me to give me choosing a patch in "mute" ... so silent tuning and dial the "Cylon" or "K2000" large gives some comfort during tuning on small and big stage.

rack size advantage is that once installed, you do not touch anything ... it does not work on him etc ...

excellent value for money in time, since it is no longer manufactured!
Korg also has the DTR-1, DTR-1000 and DTR-2000 offers more options, but for a tuner, are super flux, unless you really need ...

so if he lets me, I will try to take the same or one of those Korg brothers!