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keltic29 10/29/2006

Korg TM40 : keltic29's user review


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I come from the TM40 acqurir there just a few days. It replaces my old Ibanez tuner DAT6 beginning to show signs of weakness APRS trs of many years of loyal service: it often dsormais patting her back for the good he wants get under way, so it liminatoire.
This looks TM40 trs Full: tuner function, and function mtronome.
I find here in this tuner features I liked on my Korg WT12 I do not go out of my house because it is larger than the Ibanez TM40 and especially that which is very small. The 12 notes of the scale out by the HP internal and there is agreement and "ear", you can also use the built-in microphone so that the tuner analyzes the sound sent to it and tell us if c is good or not, but it is better if possible, use the jack between, so background noise does not disturb the tuning of the sound. One aspect that I find well liked here is the possibility to agree with instruments that are not forcment to 440 Hz because they "move" often, in the case of some traditional instruments. We are asking the musician that must accompany a given note, the TM40 analysis and said if it too high or vice versa. If the "La" is 445 Hz for example, the needle of the display of the cot looks right, it is sufficient to calibrate the new "The" by pressing the "calib" device to bring the needle in a central vertical. To tune our instrument, then we branch on the TM40, and when the needle is vertical and the LED is green, is that we agree with the guy that can accompany even then that it is at 445 Hz
Other internal function: the mtronome. It is comprehensive, easy to use. Here I also found AIM as a function possde one of my keyboards: the Tap. To find the tempo of a song, simply type the button in rhythm adquate metro and sets the pace: very practical.
So in conclusion: trs good little machine (small: it is based on its size).

It has a more SETTING THE volume and a headphone mini-jack format.
What she did not:
- No possibility of connecting AC power adapter thanks: it is not prvu, and it is not Gnant.
- No output jack to bring out the signal. And perhaps fortunately. In fact, I think that because of the lgret of this device, each movement of cable connected continuously on the tuner, it would fall down, and hello DGAT.

Battery life: not enough back so far to give an opinion. Stipulated in the user manual that the 2 batteries supplied with the unit costs are low and are mainly used to see if the unit working properly. Well, it is these cells that are still in the machine, and we'll see until when.