TC Electronic PolyTune Mini
TC Electronic PolyTune Mini

PolyTune Mini, Tuner/Pitch Pipe/Tuning Fork from TC Electronic in the Polytune series.

Pepitow 09/16/2014

TC Electronic PolyTune Mini : Pepitow's user review

«  A must !! »

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I use it for this summer, and again live!

Before that I used the built-in tuner my Line 6 amp, very well but less accurate I think!

This tuner is great, it takes very little space (that's why we bought it) really cheap and good ends (solid construction). Very easy to use, you press the switch, it turns off the sound, and that there is agreement. A small button on the side allows you to choose what type of tuning it is so that the Polytune aligns (REMEMBER ... standard tuning is selected by default, and being granted a semitone lower, Polytune the function did not work, I could not understand it and thought my tuner was defective ... then I got interested in this button and I realized that the Polytune is spotted with standard notes, once corrected it works thunder ... I felt very stupid for once: D). It supports a wide range of tunings, even Drops.

Normal mode works great, very accurate, the mode is great for Poltytune checker rapido between 2 pieces if all goes well!

To summarize, this is the ultimate tuner: small, solid, nice, precise and Poly function super practical and fun ... and the Q / P ratio excellent (€ 50) !!

With experience I would do this choice (maybe the black version which is very classy), do not bother to take the normal version I think, unless you really have the space, the screen is legible on this version! In the limit if I had known, I might be expected the mini version of the Polytune 2 and still pay € 25/30 more for a brighter screen and a "strobe" function would, it's not really worth , he will do more than the job;)