Floyd Rose Original
Floyd Rose Original
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awks 01/27/2009

Floyd Rose Original : awks's user review


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Several guitars in Floyd Rose tremolo, or vibrato said conventional kind or Schaller Wilkinson .. In all, 3 guitars épuipées in Floyd, 2 and a Les Paul Classic that should come in for processing poses a Floyd.
Cash major blows without flinching rake the top, the agreement remains in place despite the extravagances of wrist shots surly ..
I could compare well with guitars, with more than 30 years of use vibrato on different models.
I tried many guitars, and I always come back to models with Pink Floyd.
I hear a lot of nonsense on the subject: gnagnagna ...., because this is boring or because it ... etc ... Often lack of maturity, intelligence or experience, sometimes all three. It's so simple to properly resolve a floyd and change the strings. All you need is just a key 8 sides and a small cutter. Make your setting once and for all for a pull string and not change it anymore .. and you will see that it is at least as fast as changing strings on a classical vibrato, which sometimes are boring holes in center (those who change strings often include me).
In short, this is one of the best systems vibrato / tremolo exists, and whether in the classic version or some derivative versions, it is a joy to toy with the handle ......
My latest acquisition, a Gibson Les Paul will also go in the luthier for modification and installation of a floyd, and it will be my second LesPaul equipped in this way, nothing but happiness ..