Boss AW-2 Auto Wah
Boss AW-2 Auto Wah
Bert?! 11/18/2005

Boss AW-2 Auto Wah : Bert?!'s user review


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... First of all, it's a boss pedal, with the strength they have. analog. easy to supply 9v battery or standard power supply. and not too big, nickel.

is a autowah which has several functions: either the effect wha automatic (and it's t'enclenches whaouwhaouwhaouwha ... etc, a wha reacting to the attack (you play a low attack, it sounds like a wha in position serious and has gradually as you attack, it sounds as if you continue the race of your wha wha.

it has never failed me, but I see that these successors have taken to connect an expression pedal, and I admit that it's not bad!


Simple, as often in the pedals. But personally, I took time to discover the sensitive mode (setting the knob depth to 0). I pressed my pedal, triggering the wha, and i like, period! in fact, the mode proportional to the attack is really interresting, it sounds a really good, on the other he incites you to qualify your attack!
On how autowha, attention has set the tempo. like many other rhythmic effects (delay. ..), incorrect adjustment can just fuck ..


His level, I have no complaints. I am fully satisfied. but it is true that I use mostly clear sound, and especially how "sensitive" and not self wha. Ideal for playing nuances of reggae skanks and funky small casseroles. Still requires some work, not to trot from the nasal treble frequencies. in saturation, I've never really tried.


This is the first pedal I bought, there are now 12 or 13. I am fully satisfied, but I use it only for plans reggae, dub. for the Rock, I do not use hardly ever. I see y 'OCCAZ for really cheap, then go for it guys, for € 35, it is well worth it!!