Boss FT-2 Dynamic Filter
Boss FT-2 Dynamic Filter

FT-2 Dynamic Filter, Wah-Wah/Auto Wah/Filter for Guitar from Boss.

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benoizebe 03/08/2004

Boss FT-2 Dynamic Filter : benoizebe's user review


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Sound !!!!! whether it be on keyboard, bass guitar (!!!!), micro, moog ... I do not spend more.
Basically, it's a kind of autowah ... but actually it is quite special and unique!
It's actually a bte dynamic filter ... (!) But with a grain inimitable. Little more, you can connect an expression pedals, into a wah ... but c trs diffrent a bte Dunlop ... That same sound that I prfre, rounder, less messy ...


What a boss pedals, nothing rvolutionnaire ... A few hours suffice for matriser.
It is quite versatile and wide Whereas the sound spectrum of your instrument ... grain and adds a unique ...


RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH. I use it on my Moog, AC is fabulous ... Hendrixien sound of the Emerson ... A bass is the sound Aeroplane or a heavier line though and it's a wah guitar like no other. Not a pet blast, and some even use it to filter taken votes.


I have 5 years, and I look for other (2 or 3!) Because I'm sick of spending my time unplug and replug the other hand, o). Unfortunately we find newer for a long time ... substitute it seems the fiddling of autowah boss .. see anything!
A PDAL legends of a unique sound, priori not found what I was told.