Boss FW-3  Foot Wah
Boss FW-3 Foot Wah
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Boss FW-3 Foot Wah : Anonymous 's user review


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It's a fairly classic wah wah. You can adjust the response of the wah (aggressive freshwater).
Archi-standard connectors.


It is easy to use, no need to notice. The thing confusing and a bit negative is that it does not fire as a push button Cry Baby. There must be almost up above (with the usual forgetting to detail).

7 because of the mode of engagement.


I find the sound very good, it is less aggressive and typed a CryBaby is as beautiful as an object, the secret of the Boss Wah Wah ugly. In practice the intensity setting of the curve of the effect is a good idea. It can be quite soft and flexible (eg on a Rhodes or bass).
It's solid and reliable, I have for 15 years, she has seen it all, she did not flinch.


It's an interesting pedal, although I think for a "real guitar" a Dunlop or Vox will be a better choice. Me, I walk on all my instruments, so I appreciate its versatility.