Dunlop 95Q CryBaby Wah Wah
Dunlop 95Q CryBaby Wah Wah
MGR/Derek Mok 11/17/2003

Dunlop 95Q CryBaby Wah Wah : MGR/Derek Mok's user review

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Bought from Musician's Friend for $119.

Large number of controls. Volume boost button. And it's a classic wah.

The on-off toe switch is very, very hard to use. Why is there no easily visible "on/off" light indicator? I have to do a St. Vitus' dance just to figure out if my wah is on. The control settings also don't seem to make a whole lot of sense. They are also very hard to operate as you're using the wah, since they're on the side. Wish they could have made those controls foot-switchable somehow.

Good, but the on/off button is not very responsive. I also don't think the expression pedal takes kindly to transportation, and the box that comes with the pedal doesn't give *any* protection. (Dunlop is being cheap in this department -- Electro-Harmonix, for example, gives a wooden box for its Big Muff.) So diligence is required when you're shipping this pedal.

I rarely use this pedal. That's more because I'm not much of a wah person, and the sounds I get from the 95Q are good. However, I also think that if the designs were better (the on/off switch, especially), I would be much more inclined to learn how to use it, just as I figured out Floyd Rose trems, delay pedals, Steinbergers, and my Korg D12 digital multitracker.

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