Dunlop Crybaby 535Q
Dunlop Crybaby 535Q
Pepitow 10/16/2011

Dunlop Crybaby 535Q : Pepitow's user review

«  The ultimate cry baby! »

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Value For Money : Excellent
Ba is a wah pedal, basic, no frills, nothing editable. Analog solid pedal, jack in, jack out, supply and access hatch to the battery (very convenient). A knob has several notches to select frequency ranges, two mini knob to adjust the boost and the total frequency range used by the wah, and a button to activate the boost (20db I think it is adjustable through a mini knob on the side of the wah). A small LED ca was not refusing, but I quibble!


Very simple, the wah is activated via the switch on and balance the sauce!
Edition of its very simple, just one knob to turn and has enabled a boost when you want, the rest is the movement of a classic wah with your foot!


Ba is the sound cry baby wah, ca sends the sauce, it is expressive, what the legendary!
Frequency ranges proposed by the knob's fairly well defined, but honestly, I expected to hear the differences more "obvious", it was certainly different sounds in order to find his wah sound according to his tastes, but not a huge versatility either.
With the unit can be a good funk, even if it is cut for solos rather large rock or metal sounds.

Small flat, the boost only works on my clean channel of my amp, I do not understand why, maybe because it's digital (line 6 spidervalve 212), but basically the boost fulfills its office in clean ( not really my use), and distortion, ba ca me add unwanted noise and ca "dirty" sound ... pity it was still one of the arguments justifying my purchase to boost my solos ...

But if the level I was not surprised, having already had a GCB-95 under the foot. With my ltd KH-202 is the sound of kirky in his solos with my Bc Rich, I can touch has it all: funk, blues, big rock, metal.

So -1 for sounds not too different and -1 for the boost.


I use it since February, and before she had the GCB-95. Specifically it is the same except you can change the sound and there is a boost.

I especially like the sound, but I have a bit of my hunger when differences in the sound knob, and the boost does not work on my distos.
The price / quality ratio is good OCCAZ, I find a new chouillat expensive, especially if the boost does not work everywhere.

But the choice I would do without hesitation to € 100 it's worth it was just "the ultimate" cry baby underfoot (I do not mean of course the model rack and there you can edit your complete his A to Z) to test whether the Dimebag version is better and if the price difference is justified.

The 8 / 10 is justified by the small disappointments mentioned above, otherwise it is good stuff.