Dunlop DB01 Dimebag Signature Wah
Dunlop DB01 Dimebag Signature Wah

DB01 Dimebag Signature Wah, Wah-Wah/Auto Wah/Filter for Guitar from Dunlop.

chouli 07/10/2012

Dunlop DB01 Dimebag Signature Wah : chouli's user review

«  Very good stuff »

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- Booster volume selectable.
- Control Q to change frequency.
- Tone control to adjust the frequency range.
- 2 output jack for those who want to mix the raw sound of the amp with one modified by the pedal.
- Finish "Camouflage" and non-slip surface.
- Power not supplied: 9V battery or AC adapter MDU ECB003E; access battery door by clipped under the pedal.


Very simple to use, you plug it plays, a wha wha what. on the other hand to find the right frequency, it takes a little searching but nothing too difficult


Very good sound saw the potential of this pedal is very versatile. I use it with EMG 60 and 81 and meets nickel ca.


I use it for over a year and although I do not use it every day it remains ready for use. I tried several before this one Wha and I must say that this pedal is who gave me the most different sounds.
I would do without hesitation this purchase