Dunlop DCR1SR CryvBaby Rack (Custom Shop)
Dunlop DCR1SR CryvBaby Rack (Custom Shop)

DCR1SR CryvBaby Rack (Custom Shop), Wah-Wah/Auto Wah/Filter for Guitar from Dunlop.

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Corto Axeman 08/13/2005

Dunlop DCR1SR CryvBaby Rack (Custom Shop) : Corto Axeman's user review


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System developed by Dunlop (those who make the Wha, no tennis balls) to generate the effect Wha in a 1U 19 "rather than a pedal at your foot.

Interest: If you already have other racks, the wiring does not leave the flight, so no more cables running to the stage between the pedal and the flight, with extra signal loss and interference chopées all.

A pedal comes with specific, it has the same head that Wha Dunlop, except that it only serves to control the drive signal into the machine. The cable that connects them does not carry this signal, no sound.

You can connect up to 6 pedals (that's the day you will Bercy or the Long Beach Arena in LA), and are also present at a jack in the back and 3 out jacks (one dry out, a dry / wet with a standard buffer). In short, if you are followers of the three signal channels (Left / Centre dry / Law), it's all good.

On the front, you can turn a 5 band eq to change the output signal.

Finally, the icing on the cake, you can choose from six settings Wha, which correspond to six types of Wha on the market, each acting on a different frequency range (the Wha pedal is a standard, up to 6 which contains the settings for a bass Wha)

No Midi.


The English manual is simple, the connections are Jack 6.35 standard, so if you know what is a Wha and Eq, you should not have worried.

To start the effect Wha, you press the shutter on the pedal, same to stop ... So no change in a Wha pedal.


No surpise .. Wha was the sound .. or rather better: it was full of sounds Wha .. between 6 and Eq Wha available to you to find your happiness ...
The Eq fact, works well, its effect is very audible.
As for the output Out / Buffer, again it works well, and the unit is very transparent when the effect is bypassed.


I have 2 years, it was a pain to find, but I find it great.

With this system, I said bye to the usual shit pedals (which crachouille the jack, but which one?, Signal loss on 9 m of cable at the other end of the stage, the battery that makes the soul solo by Kirk Hammett, ...).
And I could really find the sound that suited me best at the end Wha (you will see by trying it you can really increase the effect on the beaches of requency necessary).

What I find damage:
- The input signal is mono, as Zakk Wylde and if you want to wha after the preamp and you are in stereo, it's more complicated ...
- The best of the best was to have recordable presets with midi ... reminder for example, an adjustment for clear sound to "Papa Was a Rolling Stone", one for solos (like "Enter Sandman" by our beloved Kirk), and a third for "Voodoo Chile" by Stevie Ray .. .

But hey, what is requested, it does and does it well!