Dunlop GCB95 Cry Baby
Dunlop GCB95 Cry Baby
benoi31 05/21/2014

Dunlop GCB95 Cry Baby : benoi31's user review

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No possible sound editing.


No possibility of setting ... Not even LED to indicate that the pedal is engaged ...


The sound quality is awful. We have no margin between the two extremes of the pedal, so just a choice between max is hyper loud and shrill and fully raised pedal that gives us a guitar seabed without any dynamic.

I tested on several guitars, several amps, the effect is still terrible and stuck with more buffer pool will dégueulasser your sound.

The sound is poor, without heat, dirty ... Frankly it is used in saturation to make toy in his room for a laugh but it is ...


Frankly, it's been several years that I have this pedal and I never use it ... The sound is loud, you can choose between "submarine" early in the race and "twisted ears" at the end of the race, with nothing in the middle.
The wah itself is unmanageable unless precise to the millimeter ... Moreover, there is no possibility of setting to change that.

In addition, the pedal has a buffer that is just too unbearable and modifies the sound negatively ... Some buffers are good (eg klon that revitalizes sound), but this is bad ...

The only solution is the modder from all sides to change the race and turn the buffer ... Frankly, for much work, so much to buy a proper wah base. Feel free to put a few dollars more for something correct, then it's just terrible. For a more expensive hair you have a very correct vox or dunlop slightly higher and especially usable.