Dunlop GCB95 Cry Baby
Dunlop GCB95 Cry Baby
Megajp 08/23/2014

Dunlop GCB95 Cry Baby : Megajp's user review

«  even you give it to me I will not take »

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Wha effect type, size pedal. 9 V battery accessed by unscrewing the 4 runners. We discover electronics and assembly made in china ... ie from the sea * e !!! I finally Dunlop crybaby who bought the name, everyone thinks it's the pedal Hendrix. This is the story of the fridge and the fridge somehow.


Quite an expensive battery you buy one connects two jack 6.35 and is wha-wha with your foot. It's simple, there is nothing to fix, that is what makes the success of this pedal. It is also why (simplicity) that it is often the first pedal you buy.


At the limit ... it's good. during the first 5 minutes of the stack. After that deteriorates, she lets out a screech when the locks and does not take more than two hours. So if you seek his dirty funky ... but not for two pennies.


I tried to use it for five or six years. It is not reliable.
First criticism, as long as a jack is engaged the battery drains: performance, you do the scales, you will eat and start the concert, more than his; knowing that it is not tru bypass, she got kicked out of the pedalboard more than once at the beginning of the concert.
Other complaint aggression. With a stratovolcano and the neck pickup still happening but with a punchy guitar, it goes in unbearable chirps, short pedal for Fender and Gibson not. For Half boxes naturally prone to feedback, I even speak to you.
Third criticism, she blows and color the sound. When you've got some nice guitars in a nice tube amp, it killing you all. A book so the guitar made in china amps in the same country.
Finally, unsustainable she left me after 4 years with 5 or 6 applications per year. A real treat when it finally falls carafe, then we can look to a true Wha-wha. By studying this effect more closely, we realize that this model is a fraud, a scam for beginners who believes that Jimmy was playing it.
If c 'it again, no, nyet, not! even you give it to me I will not take.