Dunlop JH1 Jimi Hendrix
Dunlop JH1 Jimi Hendrix
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nickname009 01/30/2012

Dunlop JH1 Jimi Hendrix : nickname009's user review


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I believe this model is the one I had, though it's a bit difficult to tell nowadays as they've been changing it up ever few years or so with new reivisions of which I think are pretty much the same thing, but the pictured one is the one I used to own. The characteristics of which were pretty damn similar to any regular wah out there, with no true bypass and maybe just a slightly tweaked sweep on the pot. Construction is the same as all, steel housing, heavy and sturdy.


Wahs are probably the 2nd or 3rd easiest pedals in the guitar world to ever use. Anybody can use it, you click it on with your foot and rock it back and forth to sweep the mid-range filter and get the crazy, and classic sounds you've heard on slight return ;)


Was this my first wah pedal? Yes. Did I get it cause it had jimi hendrix on it? Yes. Did it sound like hendrix? Not one single bit. I got it, played around with it and kept it around for a bit and eventually stopped using it. I eventually sold it only to try different wahs and of course never found the perfect one. I'm at the point where I know now that it doesn't matter what it sounds like, since all it really is, is just a midrange sweep! And every other wah out there is the same thing with a different sweep range.

So this is a review in hindsight, which of course is better since I now have the knowledge and experience to back up my encounter with the pedal. I think if I still had it now I would've kept it for the rest of my guitar playing life and use it rightfully so without worry for reliability or tone as it sounds just as good as any other wah out there methinks. It's noisy too when engaged, which can be VERY usable by the way...


Your average wah, with Jimi's name on it. Nothing spectacular, and doesn't sound like anything from hendrix's records. I originally got it to try to emulate hendrix and eventually grew up and realized I will never sound like hendrix and so there's no point in trying and it's better to be myself and be my own player. Aside from all this, I did like the wah when I had it, didn't love it but didn't hate it. I find that most of the gear I have, if I have that type of feeling towards it, I end up keeping it longer than i do with gear I completely love. Weird...