Electro-Harmonix Crying Tone
Electro-Harmonix Crying Tone

Crying Tone, Wah-Wah/Auto Wah/Filter for Guitar from Electro-Harmonix in the Next Step series.

BelleEpoch 05/15/2014

Electro-Harmonix Crying Tone : BelleEpoch's user review

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Wah pedal digital, without mechanical parts (based on the principle of recognition of movements). 9V battery operated or boss style plug.

Basic Connections: input, output, and a small switch for the calibration of the machine (which takes 3 seconds to break everything).


The setup is simple: the pedal is calibrated by pressing the switch, then the tilting over its entire run, and then a second time you press the switch.

The effect by rocking the snaps forwardly wah (classical, therefore).

In use, several faults can quickly irritate regulars wah: the foot has a tendency to walk on the floor when it is used because of its low weight, it is not directly integrated on a pedalboard, the control activation is placed under the foot (shame because it is class, and it is useful to know whether the effect is on the way when you need it ...), you can not lock halfway to play "money for nothing" (this is an example, I do not care a little play "money for nothing" and anyway I have not so good level ...) and no resistance when the race is confusing.

Yes but now, despite a few flaws, I am very attached! This is my first wah, so I'm not put off by the novelty (unlike my acolytes scene accustomed to cry baby), and I was attracted by its principle as soon as I heard.

To return to the issue of pedalboard, EHX released something supposed to solve the problem: the "cradle". If you only want to keep the pedal fixed on the go, why not, but if you want to leave the pedal on and play with, you can forget and save 15 € at the same time. Hickey (a simple piece of plastic) is poorly designed, and as the pedal tends to wander, it abuts against the edges or at the start of the effect, or during the use of the pedal .. . the best is anyway to put the volume crying on the floor next to the rest.

Also note: because of its design, the pedal can be used playing sitting, which may in some sort.


The digital side of the pedal could let his fear cold and without personality, but it is not so! If the sound is a bit more right than the classics, there is super nice and makes a very expressive playing. The pedal does the job both on stage by sending music nag on a Dark Terror, seated in the living room playing sitting like a grandpa with AC4!

If you use it with a high gain amp a little pushed, the effect tends to amplify a little breath, but in battle it does not really stand out ...

Again, the particular design of the pedal can also use a little more experimental, with some effects to walk out unusual plans, which seem difficult to obtain with a conventional wah.

You can also find on the net other ways to calibrate the pedal to get a little more special effects, but it's still an accessory.


I use since December 2012, and as I said this is my first wah. Previously I was pretty adept "I live plugs into the amp and roll my chicken."

I really like the sound it makes, its robustness and ease of use, and that it should (presumably) help prevent the usual wear problems.

The value for money seems more than adequate. This is a pedal that I recommend to both beginners and regulars (provided they are not ultra fanatics old school).

If I had the choice again, it would be no problem. If we had to re-offer me, I will keep to lug around!

It really is a pedal that I love, and I think that deserves the tests at some length, because its qualities far outweigh its flaws.