Fender Fuzz-Wah Pedal Reissue
Fender Fuzz-Wah Pedal Reissue
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ranglin01 09/29/2012

Fender Fuzz-Wah Pedal Reissue : ranglin01's user review

«  Wah good, but be careful maintenance .. »

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Reissue of a Fender pedal. Fuzz and wah wah pedal into one.

Two switches enclancher independently fuzz or wah. There is a possible adjustment in the volume of Fuzz pedal and a switch for order effects.

The wah effect is controlled with the pedal back and forth and gain fuzz by the board from left to right.

Powered by 9 volt battery or 9 volt adapter


Super simple! It will take some manipulation to find the right amount of fuzz and define the order of effects. Then we can forget about it and think about his game

It should be noted that access to the battery is not very well thought out (requires screwdriver).

It's big and heavy. If you do not bcp space on your pedal board, go your way ..


The wah is excellent and music for my taste. The fuzz seems to me less convincing, but the function to control the gain of the foot fuzz is very interesting.

At the time, I had a wah wah VOX and George Dennis. The fender seems to me much better. VOX was very quickly noise and Dennis lacked a bit of character.

Models wah my Line 6 M9 are surprisingly good for my style of music (with optional expression pedal of course). So I do not use very often the fender (but that is because it does not fit into my pedal board).


I used without problems for about two years.

Then the pedal began to have small mechanical problems (blocked it a bit on the course and there was a sort of rubbing noise). After trying unsuccessfully to run the warranty (seller not responding to my queries ..), I decided to open it to see what I could do.

Access to the interior of the pedal is quite complicated. There is a very special cordellettes / springs and pulleys to operate the various potentiometers. I have everything disassembled to put contact spray in all the places that were meaningful.

It was a nightmare for any trace (j should have taken pictures before disassembling parts). In short, it works again nickel, but the resistance in the pedal is different (basically, it falls in the low position, whereas before it was halfway through if you wanted the trigger at this level).

If someone with a plan for this pedal, I'm interested ...

Anyway long story short: this is a good pedal! But beware, this pedal wah joined many vintage type in the sense, or the time you require a maintenance (and then, good luck if you are not a technician).

However, the price is right for the quality. I recommend instead of pedals optical system (or other system not "mechanical") to end the recurring problems found on most of the wah.