Ibanez WD7 Weeping Demon
Ibanez WD7 Weeping Demon

WD7 Weeping Demon, Wah-Wah/Auto Wah/Filter for Guitar from Ibanez in the 7 series.

mooseherman 11/30/2010

Ibanez WD7 Weeping Demon : mooseherman's user review

« Lots of functions, decent sound »

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This is a heavy-duty wah, has a lot going on. It's a wah, but it has a lot of extra features going on with it. It can use a 9V adapter or a battery, and it has 1/4" inputs and outputs. It doesn't have MIDI or USB connections, and is not rackable. It's an analog pedal.


This pedal definitely has a lot more in terms of functions than most wah pedals do. Besides just the rocker, it has three knobs. One controls level, and can act almost like an overdrive or boost to the signal when the wah is in use. The second know controls the range of the filter, giving you either a subtle or an enormous sound. The third adds a low end boost, which is needed on some guitars and amps when using wahs. It seems they thought of a lot of different things when using this pedal. Beyond that, there are two modes: one has a footswitch (next to the rocker) that turns the effect on or off, and the other mode has a touch sensitivity that will activate the effect when your foot is placed on it.


I was expecting more from this wah. It has a lot of cool features but it just wasn't bright enough for me. That's one thing that kind of disappointed me, as it had a lot of other variations, but it didn't really allow you to control the high end, which is really the only thing missing. That's probably because this pedal is better suited to metal guys like Steve Vai, and guys like him, who need a wah to work with insane amounts of distortion. Guys like that really aren't into the same sounds I am, I like a wah when it's almost clean. I'd say that there are better wahs out there in terms of sound.


While this wah certainly functioned better than most, I'd have to say I'm disappointed in the sound. It's really cheap which is probably why I'm not that into it. I guess the target audience is into heavier stuff than me. I'd recommend that if you like Steve Vai and eighties-style shredders, then try this out, otherwise don't bother.