Morley Steve Vai Bad Horsie Wah
Morley Steve Vai Bad Horsie Wah
gsarl 03/22/2011

Morley Steve Vai Bad Horsie Wah : gsarl's user review

"Can't do without it!"

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It's a standard switchless optical wah floor pedal, and it only does one thing, BUT it does it REALLY well. You plug in, and plug out to your effects or right toyour amp with 1/4 inch jacks. There is an internal trim pot that you can adjust, and it controls how fast the wah goes off after you step off it, as the pedal is switchless/optical. All you have to do to access that is unscrew the side screws and the bottom plate comes off, the trim pot is a little white one right by the led/battery section. It's pretty easy to access and once you adjust the delay time to get the wah to turn off instantaneously from when you return the wah back to "zero" position, you're good to go. The default setting leaves the wah on for about a half of a second after you return to "zero", which was quite annoying, but i figuired out how to adjust it by reading the manual.


As I stated previously, it's easy to pop the bottom open and access the "zero position off" delay trim pot....and you can actually set it to stay on about a second after you return to zero. It's sturdy, but i did have to modify it after about 2 years (see below) because something inside it broke...

The manual it came with explained everything i needed to know about how to set the delay zero trim pot.


I use it with a bunch of different guitars, usually first in line before my other pedals, or amp. Also, a standard voodoo labs barrel size power adapter works perfectly with this way. No coloration of the sound at all, it's a wah, but there is some noise, but nothing beyond normal for a wah pedal. It's true tone bypass feature ensures no coloration or loss of tone/signal when wah is in bypass mode or in wah mode. It's by far, my favorite wah pedal that I have used.


I love the sound, first of all. I also love the switchless capabilities and the ability to adjust it to do what i need. It's priced fair, and the wah sound itself is true to form, nice and middy, clear, and vocal. I've used just about every other standard wah pedal on the market, and this is the one i settled on. I actually would buy another as a backup, or as a replacement.

The only thing i DONT Like is the metal ribbons/spring steel design that holds up the wah pedal into the bypass position becomes brittle over time and breaks. it was an easy fix, i used 2 heavier duty springs and fastened them to the wah pedal base...not it's so sturdy! I love modding equipment, so this was a no brainer once the stock spring steel "return spring" broke.