XyBy 11/01/2011

Morley Power Wah : XyBy's user review

« The sound of the bad horsie! »

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This is a wah with a simple knob to boost (+20 dB) and a swtich on / off.
The system is optical wah (no rack) like all morley I think.
9V battery (preferred) or adapter (noisy).


THE pedal travel is quite long and the wah is very progressive if it is well settled.
As the switch on / off is on the side and not under the pedal as the dunlop or automatic as the bad horsie one must learn to use it by shifting his heel on the side, which seems inévident but in my opinion it gives more flexibility to the pedal: it triggers a dunlop necessarily acute and position on the bad horsie position necessarily bad, but here we do as we wish provided we could find the stuff at the bottom (it is far Tap to play!) and it soon becomes natural. Especially since we just play with a given position, static, the pedal that does not make a bad horsie, which returns to its initial position by a spring. However it may be possible to install one for those who want.
The boost knob is made of rubber so it is easy to change the setting with the foot "live".
This is not a "true bypass" but a "True tone bypass" To be a paranoid quality of my sound - I'm on mesa front and mahogany 7-string DiMarzio - I do not want it to be unnatural not anything (pedal jack or effects loop) I checked that the sound was exactly the same pedal off without pedal. The only difference is that with a true-bypass when the battery is exhausted the sound happens when the pedal is off and does not pass if it is on, while the True Tone bypass needs a battery-free state What mode rotted off the pedal sound. So no old battery must be disconnected and the input to avoid the unnecessary discharge.


This is the most interesting and most important. Comparing the circuits on the site builder it is easy to see that they are the same in the bad horsie wah power, or the Tremonti power wah / volume. The differences are the accessories: the drivers are the same and other components and what changes it is only the mode of ignition by wah wah switch on the power system and a switchless on the other two. All in all a bah Tremonti is a horsie with a power boost or a switchless wah. So there is no difference in sound between the four pedals morley is the sound every time and just a difference in ergonomics. For the bad horsie 2 ditto that here there is a contour knob can sound thus increased.
So in short for those looking for the sound of steve vai, it is also found in the power wah provided it is well done! If there is no other than the boost knob, a range like the crybaby 535Q or dime found on the manufacturer's website a way to adjust this pedal that some are too acute. Opening the pedal (4 screws) you can change the position of the LED L3 compared to opto-electric sensor. I raised from 1 to 1.5 mm for a more progressive wah, but too much back up to remove the wah (not enough light on the sensor). Next comes the setting called "secret": there is a nut brown and round the box of the inductor (you can not go wrong there is a written and there are "magnetic" and other inscriptions, one can see a copper coil inside) is close to the bottom of origin.
The release amounts to shift the "range" to add the treble so low. There is a difference in the position of the wah pedal travel. I made it very sensitive can be 1 / 2 or 3 / 4 of a turn.
We need to test (light off when the pedal is not closed) between each change as these settings are interdependent. For those who are not yet satisfied and want more progressive we need to expand the tip of the triangle of the shutter with a high precision instrument and those who want more treble (???) should instead expand the open end of the race. WARNING: these last two actions are irreversible and frankly there is already something to do with the LED and the nut. It is therefore a last resort. But I think it's come to this sign that the wah itself does not please you, find something else or play better because it also requires that the fingers - there's not that the stuff that makes the sound the scratch is the first element in the string sound. When you activate your wah, wah ta become, little samurai!.
Although the set = death warrant! Now the pedal has good low and does not finish his course in sound crybaby. I sound very very Not too close to that of Petrucci's solo in Voices, that's what I was looking for. The passage of the rack wah Petrucci is set to 1.8kHz a wah and equalo is almost flat, so nothing that can make a morley. On mine the boost is still thoroughly but those who want the transparency of the bad horsie fall to 14h.
I do not put 10 because its light was not the quality of an RMC or a vox. But it simply because it is not for this: the circuit is not a clean (dirty boost the more the sound) and its playground is the sound distortion! It seems possible to install yourself a switch to put some resistance in parallel to the sounds clear but I have not made the change (I do not play very often funk).


This wah is just deadly and has nothing to envy to others.
I am not 10 because there are better in terms of features like the big bad wah. But it sounds really good for not very expensive! I think I have had for less than € 100 but it's been a while now.
In the context of it makes me I have no reason to change. And if I wanted to put an exorbitant price in a wha (250 or € 300) I would take probably the big bad wah wah seems to be the ultimate ... but no reason to take a bad horsie instead!