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purple.telecaster 09/25/2006

Tone Factor Analogue Filter 442 : purple.telecaster's user review


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Analog filter "inspired" (copied?) But improved the famous and not found DOD ef440


Very easy to use, with a different sound at each position potentiometers
without manual, but with a beautiful fabric cover.


I tried a year ago the famous Ibanez / Maxon af 201/afl and, despite his two knobs and three inters I struggled to find her, the recent trial of a DOD FX 25 with only "2 or 3 'positions of the knobs used does not convinced me.
well now I find with this pedal sounds daily at each change of positions of the pots


2 months of happiness, a US-made, a true bypass, a light, solid zinc alloy housing (china) style mxr / dod, making the standard power supply boss, my consolation 4.75, knobs alpha (= 6.35 for axis fans changers buttons)
I'm happy (despite the 90 euros okaz including shipping) for all these years to seek the dod 440 but I upgraded then ......
I waited two months to try for a bass player friend and the result is as convincing tone mister factor = Bravo

= ps this pedal is to open up to other sounds with my distortion / overdrive, not to play the funk
(I hate it also sorry!)