Patenotte guitare manouche
Patenotte guitare manouche

guitare manouche, Gypsy guitar from Patenotte.

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Misty56 12/21/2010

Patenotte guitare manouche : Misty56's user review

«  A log, but that sounds good ... »

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French manufacturing near Mirecourt, Vosges, which should guarantee the quality of wood. Easel just laid on the table, uncompensated, which does not give great accuracy in the treble. The step seems to be there to look pretty, because little access notes and imprecise ...
Channel 46.5, rounded up, little fast. 643mm from the zero fret to the bridge.


Is my first real guitar -1966 - distributed by Pierre Beuscher. Quickly become unplayable as a result of lifting the table at the bottom of the rose, caught after 20 years with clamp masonry ...
You can not play properly in agreements. The shape and weight are correct. The large volume is managed quite well.


The sound was fabulous in the grave, at least in the treble, I remember a scene in 1967 when it covered easily other guitars. With the era of "Argentina" by pulling hard enough, which was distorted.
Now, with the shallow draft usable, it still sounds.


My relationship with this guitar is more than sentimental, I play very little, and despite his makeshift repairs, it is a little slow to play solo. But she still has power, despite the extra light strings that I can do to prevent it from re-deformed.

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