Millenium HP 1
Millenium HP 1

HP 1, Headphone Amplifier from Millenium.

remy29 07/27/2008

Millenium HP 1 : remy29's user review


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- We bought two amps from this model in order to feed the Ear-Monitor our bassist and our violinist so that each circuit has its back staff can manage its overall volume. I use it also with a DT770 battery for my return.

- The choice fell on this model because we needed a headset amplifier able to work under 32 ohms (in-ear monitor). According to the specifications of other manufacturers and some tests, we did not find other models with the ability to budget reasonable (<100 euros per headphone to power ..)

- The sound is neutral, somewhat dry. The grave is correctly restored even in low impedances and high level (the in-ear saturates before the amp).
The amp is powerful enough to driver headphones of 32 ohms to 600 ohms, the volume knob rarely exceeding "half" to cover the battery (input level 0dB in symmetrical).

- The product being delivered is somewhat different in appearance from that shown in photo as mentioned in another opinion.
The amp uses common component in cms for most chemicals except capacitors.
The build quality is unfortunately a little behind:
a) on one of the two amps received: one of the output jacks did not hold the headphone jack, creating many false contacts.
b) the PCB is suspended by a weld on one of the two threaded rivets! There is no insulation under the CI
We improved the determination of the CI (see "Tip").

This headphone amp is a ratio Q / P seen interesting:
- Power
- Its ability to handle low impedances
- The balanced inputs (with link).
These qualities, however, deserve a quality manufacturing to match the price and sound capabilities.
It may be a preferred choice because it is far superior to other models in four outings in the same price range or models in 19 "entry level ....