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Thread Protect Your Ears ~ Start Today, Not Tomorrow

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1 Protect Your Ears ~ Start Today, Not Tomorrow
I know a lot of musicians/producers/engineers who have partial hearing loss because they didn't protect their ears. Especially if you're young, you should start immediately to protect your ears. Most of it isn't rocket science - don't listen at loud volumes for extended periods of time; don't turn headphones up too loud, don't sit directly in front of the speakers at concerts just so you can get a rush... wear earplugs when you have to be in a very loud sound environment.
Noise-induced hearing loss does not usually present pain. However, the damage can be permanent. I agree that it is best to protect the ears while you can because protection is better than cure. Some things to avoid include monitoring your noise exposure and wearing protective ear gears when you are near loud noises such as amps and speakers.

World Peace.

Noise-induced hearing loss is indeed a widespread problem for musicians, and unfortunately, there's no cure for the hearing loss and tinnitus (ringing) that results. If you're going to be exposed to loud music regularly, the only way to safeguard your ears is via hearing protection. The trick is finding ear plugs that don't impede your ability to play your instrument or sing. There are a lot of choices out there, both in custom fit and universal fit plugs. For more about this subject, check out this article I recently posted: